New Batman movie cast

exploderexploder Road Warrior
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Since we know that there's gonna be a new series of Batman films, who would you cast? for me:

Batman: Russel Crowe would be good

Alfred Pennyworth: Patrick Stewart

Riddler/Edward Nygma: Johnny Depp would be perfect

Joker: Jim Carrey. No, I am not saying that he would be better than Heath Ledger, I'm just saying that Jim Carrey would be great as the Joker. He can be creepy, dark and psychotic, but also hilarious.

Scarecrow/Johnathan Crane: Not sure. Matthew Lillard would be good IMO.

Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries: Jason Statham.

Two-Face/Harvey Dent: Bruce Willis.

Poison Ivy - Scarlet Johansson.


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