DLC Week of 10/23 - Chicago Pack! 3 Vintage 70's Classics!

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Hey gang,

Look at their career of Billboard chart topping hit singles and albums and you’ll see that Chicago is easily one of the most successful American rock acts of all time. On October 23rd, three of their hit singles come to the Rock Band Music Store!

Written as part of a seven part suite, Chicago’s “Make Me Smile” – from the band’s second studio record, 1970’s Chicago II – was released as a single that topped the Billboard charts. “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day,” off of 1973’s Chicago IV found equal success on the charts, only a few years later. The ballad “If You Leave Me Now,” off of 1976’s Chicago X, rounds out the pack.

As a bonus, Rock Band Blitz players who play any of these tracks will earn double coins for each play!

Available on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation®3 system (October 23rd, 2012):

• Chicago – “Make Me Smile” O X
• Chicago – “Feelin’ Stronger Every Day” O
• Chicago – “If You Leave Me Now” O

(These tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation®3 system October 24th)

Tracks marked with “O” feature support for keyboards; tracks marked with “X” will offer Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for $0.99 per song.


$5.49, £2.49 UK, €3.99 EU (440 Microsoft Points, 550 Wii Points™) for the “Chicago Pack 01”
$1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU (160 Microsoft Points ™, 200 Wii Points™) per song
$0.99 USD (80 Microsoft Points™, 100 Wii Points™), £0.59 UK, €0.79 EU per song for eligible Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade

** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change. **

To discuss this DLC please visit the official discussion thread in the Rock Band forum.

For all DLC song credits, including album and genre info as well as difficulty ratings, you can check out the Songs page.

And for awesome background information on this content, including recording details, album of origin, and release details you can head on over to the Rock Band 'Zine for brand new articles!


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    This week on Xbox 360, look for “This War Will Never Start” by extraordinary musician and Harmonixer par excellence Steve Pardo! Also, 5 varied tracks ranging from Dr. Acula to Buckner & Garcia will come out Tuesday on PS3.

    Here are the Rock Band Network tracks that hit the Xbox on Thursday, 10/18/2012:


    Drugstore Fanatics – “The Distance” (80 MSP)

    Indie Rock

    Steve Pardo – “This War Will Never Start” (80 MSP)


    Between the Buried and Me – “All Bodies” (160 MSP)
    Between the Buried and Me – “All Bodies (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
    Escape The Day – “Turn Back Time (Rock Band Edition)” (160 MSP)


    SIMPL3JACK – “Carny Asada” (80 MSP)

    And here are the PS3 RBN releases scheduled for Tuesday, 10/23/2012 (North America) and 10/24/2012 (Europe):

    Dr. Acula - "Slander" ($1.99), Metal
    Design the Skyline - "Break Free From Your Life" ($1.99), Metal
    RIBS - "Brains Out" ($0.99), Rock
    Buckner & Garcia - "Ode to a Centipede" ($1.99), Pop-Rock
    We Are The Storm - "Galileo" ($0.99), Indie Rock
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    Here are your new Goals for Rock Band Blitz! Don't forget, many of these are playable in RB3 as well, so check in on Rock Band World for additional details.

    Easy R&B/Soul/Funk
    Funk dat, funk dis! Grab two friends, or go solo, to get 12 stars on any R&B/Soul/Funk songs.

    Medium Classic Rock
    This one is right in your wheelhouse. Get 30 Stars on any Classic Rock songs!

    Medium Nu Metal
    This ain't your grandma's Metal. This is NU Metal! You don't understand, DAD! Get 30 Stars on any Nu Metal songs!

    Let's All Play New Wave Songs!
    Buy all of the product you can, and form your hair into some sort of post-modern sculpture. Once you've done that get into this Community Goal and play all the New Wave you can handle!

    The Ultimate New Wave Playlist (Hard Goal)
    New Wave is so IN lately! We've assembled a killer setlist of our favorite New Wave tracks for you to complete for BIG rewards! Here's the playlist: Erasure "A Little Respect", New Order "Blue Monday", Culture Club "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me", A Flock of Seagulls "I Ran", Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart", Animotion "Obsession", a-ha "Take On Me", Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way", Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels", Talking Heads "Burning Down the House"

    The Power Ballad Challenge (Hard Goal)
    Is it a little chilly at home? Warm up your heart with these epic power ballads! Here's the playlist: Foreigner "I Want to Know What Love Is", Heart "Alone", Cutting Crew "(I Just) Died in Your Arms", Journey "Don't Stop Believing", Cinderella "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)", Alice Cooper "Poison", Bon Jovi "I'll Be There For You", Poison "Every Rose Has Its Thorn", Pat Benatar "We Belong", Bonnie Tyler "Total Eclipse of the Heart"

    Attax of the Sax! (Hard Goal)
    The saxophone. Known worldwide as the SMOOTHEST of all instruments. Prove your smoove by getting 200,000 total points with the Super Keys Power-up on these sax-soaked classics! Hall and Oates "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)", James Brown "Super Bad, Pts. 1 &2", Billy Joel "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant"

    The Rock Band Petting Zoo
    This Scavenger Hunt is for that cross-section of our community that are both animal lovers and connosieurs of animal-related music!
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