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Okay I'm looking for players who play RB3 regularly, on Expert to a high standard (not FC everything like a rock god, but can FC easy songs and get 5 on most). I have people on my friends list already, but I'm looking to form a super group of sorts. Kind of like ERG or Fourplay, only not as godlike, since I for one will probably never be that good. You might be though. If you are and are thinking of joining, please do! I can record videos of us playing if you wish, though my capture card is in SD and I'll need to be told prior to the session if we're recording or not. Otherwise, someone else can record, or we just not record at all. Like I said, this is partly for fun, partly to be serious. Don't expect FBFCs on everything!

I have a headset, ideally if you have one too that'd help greatly, but it's not a necessity since text chat works too.

If you play multiple instruments to a high standard, that's even better, since we can mix and match our roles! I'll put down all instruments you can play, so we can substitute if necessary (if we get more than 4 members)! If interested, put your post like this:
RB.com ID:

I'm asking for timezone since I'm GMT, so their may be issues with getting times to play together. I'm free on weekends and sometimes on weekdays. :)

So far, I have:
Guitar - Alternity156, TheBonobo4, Lord_Godot, pwnage4life62, LoAlexandria

Bass - Alternity156, TheBonobo4, pwnage4life62, LoAlexandria, obe23, DJ_D-RECK011

Pro Guitar -

Pro Bass - Alternity156

Drums - pwnage4life62, gmalana, obe23, bth3571

Pro Drums - obe23, DJ_D-RECK011, bth3571

Keys - LoAlexandria, pwnage4life62

Pro Keys - Alternity156, LoAlexandria

Vocals - LoAlexandria, gmalana, jacoborawr

Harmonies - LoAlexandria, jacoborawr


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