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So it's been like what, four maybe five years? I checked around the forums
and took a a gander at the Ultimate Band Thread to show my support but saw no mention of Big Wreck on the list. So I'm making an Official Thread. :)

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts by lead singer Ian Thornley in 1994
The band found their biggest success in Canada and released their third studio album Albatross in March of 2012 after parting ways for nearly 10 years!
During that time Ian Thornley formed his own group of the same name, producing two equally amazing albums, Come Again in 2004 and Tiny Pictures in 2009.

* Their most successful debut was released in 1997, In Loving Memory Of... which put out 3 singles in the States that year. The Oaf, That Song & Blown Wide Open, with an additional single, Under The Lighthouse being promoted for Canada. All songs received heavy radio play during 1997 and the album was granted Platinum honors from the Canadian Recording Industry Association.

In Loving Memory Of... (1997)
"The Oaf (My Luck Is Wasted)"
"That Song"
"Look What I Found"
"Blown Wide Open"
"How Would You Know"
"Oh My"
"Under the Lighthouse"
"Fall Through the Cracks"
"By the Way"
"Between You and I"

* Despite being more ambitious Big Wreck's second studio album saw conflicting musical styles within the band and only a few singles made it to radio before they split up. Most notable singles were Inhale, Knee Deep, Ladylike & Mistake.

The Pleasure And The Greed (2001)
"Knee Deep"
"Everything Is Fine"
"All By Design"
"The Pleasure and the Greed"
"No Fault"
"Ease My Mind"
"Broken Hands"
"Head in the Girl"
"All Our Days Are Numbered"
"West Virginia"
"Defined By What We Steal"

* Big Wreck's reunion album, Albatross saw a return to form for the group and the title single topped the Billboard Canadian Rock Chart for six weeks in a row. With the album debuting at #5 on the Canadian Albums Chart it won the CASBY award for independent and alternate music awarded in Toronto, Ontario by radio station The Edge.

Albatross (2012)
"Head Together"
"A Million Days"
"Glass Room"
"All Is Fair"
"Rest of the World"
"You Caught My Eye"
"Do What You Will"

So there you have it! Hopefully Big Wreck will get a chance to be in Rock Band some day... until then, feel free to post and show your support. :)


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