Cheap Bastard Rock Band World Challenge help please.

gamedaughter1gamedaughter1 Unsigned
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I just linked to face book and one of the first challenges is this Cheap Bastards. It says earn 12 stars on Free dlc available from the rock band store. So my question is: from inside Blitz how do you access the store and find these free songs. Sorry I am very new to this game. Thanks for any help.


  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
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    the songs aren't really set up in a specific spot for free songs unfortunately. im sure someone will post a list here of the songs shortly, then you can just sort by artist.
    look closely before downloading though, i heard of some small problems with some of the free songs being changed to $1 during the sale because of a small error, so you might keep an eye on that.
  • FluidEmotionFluidEmotion Unsigned
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    @gamedaughter1: It's just a few days ago I did the same thing. Sadly in the store only two out of four songs are free. The name of the songs are reveiled when you start the goal. They are listed under suggestions.

    Atleast for me (an EU-based PS3-user), only these two were actually free: Miranda Cosgrove - Headphones On and Vesuvius - Promised Land. But if you gold star these two, you will still accomplish the goal.

    Anyway, the two other songs are GlaDos - Still Alive and Stephen and the Colberts - Charlene (I'm right behind you).

    And if you didn't know it, there is also a free rock band pack which contains seven songs I believe. You will find it under "V" for "various" in the store. And it's called Rock band free pack 1 or something like that.
  • NumskullNumskull Road Warrior
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    If you're going to list the free songs, list ALL of them!

    Stephen & The Colberts - Charlene (I'm Right Behind You)
    GlaDos - Still Alive
    Miranda Cosgrove - Headphones On
    Vesuvius - Promised Land
    Little Fish - Am I Crazy
    Lights Resolve - Dreaming of Love

    The Rock Band Free pack contains nine songs which are not available as singles. I don't believe they count toward the Cheap Bastard goal.
  • SheSaidSheSaidSheSaidSheSaid Washed Up
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    The RB2 9-pack does not count toward Cheap Bastard.
  • FluidEmotionFluidEmotion Unsigned
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    The free pack does not count toward the cheap bastard goal, and I never said it does. It was just meant as information (and exact how many songs the pack contains, were in that regard irrelevant).

    The reason I didn't mention "all the free songs" (counting towards the "cheap bastard" goal), is because I didn't know there were any more than the four I mentioned. I thought I mentioned them all. No need to be so harsh!

    Still, as I mentioned, two of those songs aren't actually free in the EU PS3 store...
  • SheSaidSheSaidSheSaidSheSaid Washed Up
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    No one has been harsh.
  • gamedaughter1gamedaughter1 Unsigned
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    @FluidEmotion Thanks for the information. It was very helpful.
    @Numskull thanks for the list. I appreciate everyone's help with this.
  • MemoDLSGMemoDLSG Opening Act
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    IIRC Am I Crazy and Dreaming of Love don't count for the challenge either.
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