October RBN DLC poll

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This one we can do now.

Boldfaced songs on PS3
Bold and italic songs on PS3 and Wii


Released October 1
"BBQ Nation" - Graveyard BBQ
"Bittersweet Melancholy" - Shylo Elliott
"Dying Wish of a Living Man" - Yesternight's Decision
"Headed for the Ditch" - Andy Timmons
"Laceration" - Mile Marker Zero
"Midnight Eyes" - Rose of Jericho
"Mrs. Right" - Last Day Off
"Thank You, Pain." - The Agonist

Released October 4
"Buttersnips" - Periphery
"Dirt" - Rain Dogs
"Electricity is in My Soul" - Steam Powered Giraffe
"Far Wanderings" - Shylo Elliott
"High Class Trailer Trash" - Shelly Rastin feat. Randy Bachman
"How We Operate" - Gomez
"Now or Never" - Confide
"Saga" - Amberian Dawn
"Warmachine" - The Sex Generals

Released October 8
"Arcaedion" - Children of Nova
"Chilly Water (Live)" - Widespread Panic
"Forgot Live" - Public Radio
"Girlfriend" - Shy Nobleman
"Johnny Ace 2010" - Dash Rip Rock
"Rain" - New Rising Son
"Right to the Apex" - Single White Infidel
"Signed With Love" - Rose of Jericho
"Surprise Valley (Live)" - Widespread Panic
"The Deceiver" - I Am Abomination
"The Permanent Rain" - The Dangerous Summer

Released October 12
"Bang Bang Bang" - The Virginmarys
"Daisy" - Fang Island
"Old Lady Trouble" - Steve Fister
"Rotten Cat Halloween Rat" - Boney Mean
"Second & Sebring" - Of Mice & Men
"Spill" - Nushu
"Standing in Your Stuff" - Zigaboo Modeliste
"Wake Up" - Suicide Silence

Released October 13
"Antman" - The Red Chord
"Frostbite Cavern" - Wolfblur
"Hand Me Down" - Visqueen
"Nihilanth" - Gatling
"Snowmaiden" - Amberian Dawn
"The Touch" - Stan Bush
"White Knuckles" - OK Go

Released October 18
"All I Want" - Cosmic Tribe
"Drum Exercises for the Sufficiently Masochistic" - Shylo Elliott
"I Thought I Knew You" - Those Among Us
"Miss America" - Kingsize
"Philip K. Ridiculous" - Hugh Cornwell
"Refugee" - Scotty Don't
"Soulless" - Fake Problems
"The Way You Move" - Since October

Released October 22
"Bullet With a Name" - Nonpoint
"Ceraunophobia" - Chaotrope
"Darkhorse" - Converge
"Gabrielle" - Ween

"Ghost I Own" - (Damn) This Desert Air
"P.W.M.O." - Shylo Elliott
"The Countdown" - Cliff Lin
"The Waiting One" - All That Remains
"Worst Case Ontario" - The Roman Line

Released October 28
"Fate of the Maiden" - Amberian Dawn
"Hold On" - All That Remains

"Industrialized" - Bluefusion
"Let Us Slay" - Gwar
"Ride the Stache" - Graveyard BBQ
"Runaway" - Lyrics for Monday
"Tantrums of a Giant" - Madlife
"Think Bad Thoughts" - Kay Hanley
"Vacation" - Mike Belotti & Theo Christensen
"Veils" - Ludicra

Released October 6
"Cody" - We Set the Sun
"Last Breath" - Attack! Attack! (and 2x Bass version)
"Run Away With Me" - Daryle Stephen Ackerman
"Wicked N' Wild" - IDLEMINE
"Winter Water Waves" - Denullification

Released October 13
"All Signs Point to Lauderdale" - A Day to Remember (and 2x Bass version)
"Category II: Discovering the Absolute" - Ethereal Collapse (and 2x Bass version)
"Cry of an Eagle" - Free Spirit
"Dark Escape" - Shylo Elliott
"Indulgence" - Tokyo Raid
"Internal Cannon" - August Burns Red (and 2x Bass version)
"Movies" - Alien Ant Farm
"Reaping Tide" - Mile Marker Zero
"Say" - The Asbestos
"The Carrion Call" - Misery Index

Released October 20
"Coelacanths" - Coelacanths
"Crazy Idea" - Goliath Down
"Easy Days" - Free Spirit
"For God or Country" - Single White Infidel
"Grocery Party" - Freen in Green
"He is Good" - Denbigh Cherry
"Heat Seeking Ghost of Sex" - Dance Gavin Dance
"Looking (Foot in Your Mouth)" - Analogue Revolution feat. The Chance Sisters
"My God Is There Controlling" - Denbigh Cherry
"Never...Again" (2x Bass pedal) - All Shall Perish
"Of Dirt You Were Made..." - Brad Gerke
[B]"Paced Energy" - Magnus 'SoulEye' P


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