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Well seeing these seem really fun to make (with in reason), I thought I'll take a crack as this but there are some rules I should state up front:

1. You can only request up to 2 songs at a time.
2. These songs can't go beyond 20 minutes (I really don't want to have to sit through 1 hour plus songs).
4. Have fun with it :D (That's right, I skipped 3 on purpose :p)
5. No RB3 versions will be done (exceptions are made in certain cases)
6. If you think I won't do your artist, odds are you are wrong. Unless it's the following bands: Sunn O))), Mayhem, and Burzum. Hell, request Carly Rae Jepsen for all I care :D
7. If you see your songs done, that's great but don't request more songs till I give the update saying everyone's songs are done.
8. If you are requesting an album, please keep it under 11 songs unless they are pretty short (though don't be a smartass and request album's like Silverstein's Short Songs :p)


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