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After the success of other tiering threads, I thought I'd do one myself. I'll willing to take requests with no song length limit. I'll even be doing a few songs for myself as well. :)

Note, this is my first attempt ever at tiering, so I'm likely to make a few mistakes. But I can try, please bare with me.

If you're going to request a song, I have 5 quite strict rules:

1. Absolutely no Death Metal. If the singer sounds like Visions or Cannibal Corpse, your request will be ignored. Sorry, but I'm not going to spend my time tiering songs I definitely will not like. Other kinds of metal are okay, like Prog Metal, Thrash Metal and general Metal, just not Death. So Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Metallica etc. are fine. Or Drone like SunnO))) for that matter, since it's mostly slow, boring sustained bass notes. Long, easy and dull.

2. I am willing to do RB3 versions of songs already released.

3. No rap/hip-hop or generic pop music. You know why. By "no pop" I mean no generic pop that came out in the last 5 years, stuff made by auto-tune and computers that 10 year old girls listen to. But that should be obvious, since no one here (I hope) would request such a thing. I'm okay with doing more normal pop. Generic pop is things like Bieber, Minaj, GaGa and OneDirection, things only a 10yo girl requests, made by computers and auto-tune. Which I strongly forbid from being requested. As if anyone is going to though. For any other reason, which I will mention at the time, I may choose to ignore your request, likely because it's either pop/rap or death metal.

4. Songs over a certain length may require a longer period of time to complete, please be patient if you have requested such a song.

5. Please add a YT video of the song, preferably master recording not cover/live rendition, unless specified.


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