New goals 10/30/12

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Tell me if I missed something, I wasn't able to do last week's goals yet so I may be confusing which week's which.

- Easy '60s (Easy, 1,000 coins)

Groovy and far out, man. Get 12 stars on any '60s songs! (group size up to 3 players)

- Geography Pro (Hard, 5,000 coins)

Remember how great you were in your high school Geography class? Let's see if you've still got it! Play through every song by Europe, Kansas, Boston, Chicago, and Nazareth to complete this goal! (group size up to 5 players)

- Halloween Spooktacular (Hard, 3,500 coins)

Attention boils and ghouls! In the (haunted) spirit of All Hallow's Eve, we've summoned up some positively ghastly songs to terrify and challenge your sanity. Get GOLD STARS on the following songs to complete this demonic goal! Rob Zombie - "Living Dead Girl", Iron Maiden - "Hallowed Be Thy Name (Live)", Jonathan Coulton - "Re: Your Brains", Bullet For My Valentine - "Waking the Demon", Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer" (group size up to 1 player)

- Medium Metal (3,000 coins)

Sources tell us you all can't get enough of this new musical sensation called "heavy metal," and we are happy to oblige you! Get 30 stars on any Metal songs! (group size up to 5 players)

- Medium Rock (3,000 coins)

For those about to play Rock songs, we salute you with coins if you get 30 stars! (group size up to 5 players)

- Let's All Play Rock Band Blitz Songs! (Community Goal, 3,500 coins)

Remember how great that tracklist is? Re-live your first week with Rock Band Blitz and get 500,000 Stars on songs from the soundtrack! (Note: you can play in either RB3 or RB Blitz!)

- The Hurricane Sandy Hunt (Scavenger Hunt, 2,500 coins)

We're all working from home here at Harmonix. Help us curse the crazy weather by tracking down these weather-related tracks! (group size up to 3 players)

Creedence Clearwater Revival "Who'll Stop the Rain"
The Doors "Riders on the Storm"
Live "Lightning Crashes"
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Snow ((Hey Oh))"
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble "Texas Flood"


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