RBN content from the UK on an Aussie XBOX?

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Does anyone here know if I were to buy an Australian XBOX console and bought the downloadable version of RB3 from the AU Marketplace, would I be able to buy DLC from the UK Marketplace and would it work on my AU account?

I realise i'd probably need to get credit (or MSP) from the UK, but being a total 360 n00b, do I just create a "fake" UK sub-account and load it up with credit? Does Microsoft have an issue with people doing that? (i've got UK, German and US accounts on my PS3 and never had an issue)

I think that's the only way i'm ever going to get the other 3 tracks by an Unkindness, and may as well pick up "Dance Floor" by Apples in Stereo too (an RB3 version of that with keys would have been awesome, but can't see it happening).


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    you don't actually need a UK game to be able to do this. just a UK account.
    I don't know if you need to buy special MSP for that account then, (my Dutch MSP work on a UK account, might be different for Australia though)

    just take a hotel address or something and create an account with that.
    now there are a few small rules to follow to make getting and playing the RBN songs the easiest.

    you always need to buy the songs using that account, as long as you download these songs on the same Xbox as your main profile is on (the one you usually play on) then you can play these songs without being signed into your "fake" UK account. so you just need it to download the songs

    If you do download the songs on a different console, then there are 2 ways you can still play these songs on your main console:
    1. sign in with the UK account as player 2, you do always need to have an internet connection for this though.
    2. Do a license transfer (should be in your account management settings). this sets all downloaded items to the console you do the license transfer on. however, this requires you to redownload all the items you previously owned.

    but as long as you only download on the same console as you play, you should be good ;)

    so step by step:
    1. make fake UK account
    2. buy MSP on that account (you might want to try if Australian MSP works first, if not there are plenty of sites where you can get MSP from any country sent straight to your e-mail)
    3. download the songs using that account.

    do step 4 and 5 only if you want your scores to be (want to play the songs) on your main account.

    4. AFTER! all the songs finished downloading, (they'll stop downloading if you sign out while they're not done) sign out of the UK account
    5. get on your main account

    6. play and have fun! :D
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    Thanks for the detailed reply jibjqrkl.

    Yeah, I'd prefer not to be online everytime I play, so I'll be sure to follow what you've suggested.

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