Anybody else having beginners luck when playing songs?

madcapmattmadcapmatt Road Warrior
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I've noticed with a lot of songs that after playing through them the first time that when I go back to play them (either because they are fun and I want to score war somebody or try to get higher on the leader boards) that I can't seem to beat my score from my initial run-through. Logically I'd think that having knowledge of the chart I'd get a better if not similar score as my first run-through, but that's not the case most often.

I hate this most often when I restart a song for a score war and my score on the leader board is higher than my score war run, even after multiple attempts using the same power-ups. Does anybody else out there have this happen to them as often as it does to me?


  • zage1337zage1337 Rising Star
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    Nope. I am always able to beat my old score on a song unless I got an insanely luck jack/flame run or pinball run. Otherwise I have more knowledge of the chart and know when to do which action to improve my score.
  • Epsilon82Epsilon82 Opening Act
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    I haven't really drilled down and replayed that many songs, because right now I'm focusing on getting at least a score up for every song I have. Pretty much the only time I replay something is if I just completely screwed up Jackpot badly enough to get only five stars, or if the Rock Central servers kick me and my score doesn't count. Both of those are quite rare.

    But I have noticed quite a few times I have seemingly gotten quite lucky and find it hard to believe I'll be able to consistently top my first score, particularly when it's good for the top of the leaderboard. There is so much randomness at play with the way Flame Notes start and spread, and a few times I've managed to hit like 10 flame notes at the very end of a jackpot activation without even changing lanes.
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