Harmonix needs Playtesters!

HMXJohnlokHMXJohnlok Harmonix Developer
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So we do a lot of playtesting here at Harmonix. And from time to time we need to refresh our database of willing playtesters here in Boston, Massachusetts (USA).

A few things.

1. Only sign up if you're within an hour's drive of Cambridge, MA. I loved the guys from Poland who signed up, but it just isn't in the cards.

2. Our games are mostly T for Teen, so please get parental permission if that isn't you.

3. We do not use this information for anything other than playtesting purposes.

4. We don't have enough tests to use everyone that signs up. Good luck!


We especially need players who have never played our game before. So if you have neighbors / parents / bosses who have never picked up a plastic instrument before, please send 'em our way.

Any questions? Either post to this thread, or e-mail Chris at [email]canfield@harmonixmusic.com[/email]



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