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First off, all credit for the idea goes to RhythmBastard. He just asked that "writers more skilled" make the RB forum post, and he got me. Sorry!

If anyone here is a fan of The Onion A.V. Club, you're probably familiar with the Undercover series. In short, a bunch of mildly-popular bands come in, one after another, to cover songs from wildly-popular bands. But the songs come from a list, and that list is dwindled down over the series' run. Pretty quickly, bands get stuck with songs that make for kinda funny and really interesting tracks.

So if you replace "bands" with "RBN bands", you get what we're going for. We want to bring the far ends of RBN together, getting obscure punk bands to play mega-hit pop songs or whatever ends up happening. Something to show the diverse character of the Network in a fun and potentially ridiculous way. Obviously, these songs aren't for authoring to RBN, this is just for Youtube sort of publicity and the general community fun of being musicians.

There's already a few author-artists interested, but while we construct the final artist list we're going to need a song list. That's what this thread is for! We will be putting a lot of the popular stuff on the list- "Higher", "Bodies", "Blue (Da Ba Dee)", what have you- but we also want to have "cult classics" and generally interesting stuff to throw on the list too. And of course, it's always best to get more opinions.

So aside from saying "this is cool, it's happening", we want your help to build the list. What popular (or semi-popular) RBN songs would you like to see covered? Try and keep your picks to about 10 max, and do remember that people are gonna try to do these songs for real so... be reasonable, I guess. As things narrow down we'll start grouping suggestions into categories in such a way that we get a nice, diverse selection for the bands. I will note that this isn't a democracy, primarily so that none of the bands will know too far ahead what's coming. Half the fun is the surprise.


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