RBN Song of the Week (11/8/12)

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Which was your favorite song this week?

RBN Song of the Week (11/8/12)

Nightrage – “Sham Piety”

One Year Later – “Absolution”

The Minotaur Project – “Shattered Satellites and Brutal Gods”

The Stanleys – “Kid’s Gonna Rock”

DRUOX – “Ode to Stove”


(2x Bass Pedal songs do not apply)

RBN Song of the Week - November 2012
Melissa Otero - "Angels and Demons" (11/1/12)
DRUOX - "Ode to Stove" (11/8/12)

RBN Song of the Month
Toby Turner - "I Can Swing My Sword (ft. Terabrite)" (Oct. 2012)


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