RX Bandits "Mandala" for Rock Band

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First of all, please listen to the album if you haven't done, because otherwise you wouldn't know what I'm meaning.
I Think the sense in a full album release is that you can play through it without thinking "Huh, that song was pretty weak" when you encounter a song that doesn't catch up to the best songs on it. Most albums have great songs, but also 2-3 songs that are mediocre, this album does simply not. It floats perfectly, one song leads to the next, and every song has its own special touch. RX Bandits are a very special band in my eyes, mixing Rock/Alternative with Ska and sounding somewhat refreshing new and good.
Bled To Be Free is already released as a DLC and shows how epic the guitar and vocals of their songs are, but also the drums and bass are nicely difficult but not godtier like many metal songs where you are exhausted after shredding your part through the 3 minutes of the song.
I think it would make a great addition to the game if Mandala was added als DLC, so
please please please give it a chance Harmonix :)

Also, comments are very welcome


  • MunnchyMunnchy Road Warrior
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    I've given this album a listen and, i'll be honest, I'm not a fan. It's not bad, just not something I'd listen to (I'm not the biggest fan of Ska rock).

    Having said that, It's only another parasec..... is a great song, that i'm hoping makes it on to the network (Given that it was on the setlist for GH:WoR, I'm hopeful that it might happen).

    Born to be free (The operation) is on the network, so you can at least buy that for the time being :)
  • FredRaddeFredRadde Unsigned
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    I've downloaded it a long time ago :)
    No problem, some people like their music, some don't, it's a matter of personal taste in music.
    I just thought it would be a good expansion because there isn't much Ska Rock on the Network atm and in my opinion they are by far the best band in this genre.
    But thanks for taking time and responding, I'm always open for constructive criticism :)
  • MunnchyMunnchy Road Warrior
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    That's cool man :) You are right. Ska is a little under-represented on the network, but I'm sure you'll see some more soon. I'd definitely pick up it's only another parasec... That song is way too much fun to play in GH!
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