Elvis Presley Rock Band

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Here's my setlist for Elvis Presley Rock Band. Tell me if you want any changes.

-That's Alright Mama
-Mystery Train
-Heartbreak Hotel
-Baby Let's Play House
-Don't Be Cruel
-Love Me Tender

-Blue Suede Shoes
-Hound Dog
-Too Much
-All Shook Up
-Teddy Bear
-Jailhouse Rock

-Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
-Hard Headed Woman
-Reconsider Baby
-One Night
-A Big Hunk of Love
-Stuck On You
-It's Now or Never

-Are You Lonesome Tonight?
-Little Sister
-Follow That Dream
-Marie's The Name His Latest Flame

-Can't Help Falling In Love
-Rock-A-Hula Baby
-Return to Sender
-You're the Devil in Disguise
-Viva Las Vegas
-Bossa Nova Baby

-Crying in the Chapel
-If I Can Dream
-In The Ghetto
-Suspicious Minds
-The Wonder of You

-Kentucky Rain
-Polk Salad Annie
-Burning Love
-Always On My Mind
-An American Trilogy

-Promised Land
-Moody Blue
-Way Down

-A Little Less Conservation (JXL Remix)


  • Backbeat60-62Backbeat60-62 Rising Star
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    Master recordings exist with separated tracks for all of these? His early stuff is great. Some of his early live concerts with the drum and guitar solos are really surprising. Now I know where Led Zeppelin got a lot of their inspiration. Some songs are currently represented in newly recorded versions from the lead singer of The Crickets, from RBN. A game would have been great, but a lot of this would fit in perfectly as DLC. It's the king of rock and roll, after all. Maybe multi-track recordings from his later concerts exist?
  • hiimSMAPhiimSMAP Road Warrior
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    Hell yes, always would love something from the King himself, Suspicious Minds is probably a number one pick, but I'd for sure buy a whole game, he's been one of my favorites since I was a little kid.
  • jberaunnjberaunn Unsigned
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    Good setlist but in my opinion there are three song you can include:

    Never been to spain
    Mystery Train/Tiger Man
    Down in the alley

    I hope this game (or DLC) will make real, could be a good idea.
  • skyp1eskyp1e Road Warrior
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    I'm no fan of Elvis Presley, but after the Beatles if HMX makes even one more band specific game, Elivis is the one to make.

    He's the only one that has that iconic mass appeal after the fab 4 that makes any sense.

    And I repeat, I'm no fan of Elvis.
  • elvisfan15elvisfan15 Unsigned
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    Jailhouse Rock would be a great final song for the dlc. I am asking for all of Elvis's fans to go to the song request page and request Jailhouse Rock as many times as you can.
  • FujiSkunkFujiSkunk Headliner
    edited February 2013
    All remaining DLC is already in the works, and HMXHenry mentioned the request page will be taken down soon.
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