New goals 11/13/12

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- Easy Alternative (1,000 coins)

So are flannel and plaid the same thing? If you put all your stock in flannel and then plaid's value goes up, do you benefit? We might never know, but you can surely relive the flannel tidal wave by getting 12 stars on any Alternative song!

- Medium Creedence Clearwater Revival (2,500 coins)

Creedence Clearwater Revival, known as CCR to their best and closest fans, are one of the most popular acts in rock music, and in the Rock Band Music Library. Get 30 stars on any Creedence Clearwater Revival songs to complete this goal!

- Medium Megadeth (2,500 coins)

If heavy riffs and screaming solos are your thing, then by proxy so is this goal! Get 30 Stars on any Megadeth songs to complete this goal!

- Pearl Jam's Ten Album Challenge (Hard, 3,500 coins)

Get 5 Stars on every song from Pearl Jam's career-defining album, Ten, to complete this goal!

- The Cars Album Challenge (Hard, 3,500 coins)

Get 5 stars on every song in The Cars' seminal self titled album. You'll thank us later.

- Let's All Play '90s Songs! (Community Goal, 3,000 coins)

We've released a good deal of great '90s songs lately for DLC. Let's enjoy this by all playing '90s songs this week for fun and profit! (350,000 stars)

- Rock Band High School (Scavenger Hunt 3,500 coins)

Whether you are in school now, or just have memories, let's all skip our proverbial homeroom and play this Scavenger Hunt!


Alice Cooper - School's Out (Live)
Steely Dan - My Old School
The Donna's - New Kid in School
Nirvana - School
The Ramones - Rock N Roll High School
The Naked Brothers - I Don't Want to Go to School


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