Official Discussion: DLC Week of 11/20: 6 Singles Spanning 6 Decades!

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hmxhenry;4925954 said:
Hey gang!

Harmonix is excited to celebrate the five year anniversary of the Rock Band franchise with the release of six singles from legendary artists, spanning six decades of music history!

A live version of The Band’s “The Weight,” originally released as a single in 1968, will be available starting on November 20th. The track is joined by The Allman Brothers Band’s instrumental, “Jessica,” which comes off the group’s 1973 album, Brothers and Sisters. New Wave post-punk band Modern English make their Rock Band debut with “I Melt With You,” from 1982’s After the Snow. From 1994’s The Downward Spiral, Nine Inch Nail’s popular “Closer” will also be available. Finally, Crossfade’s “Cold,” from the band’s 2004 self-titled record, and Dragonforce’s “Cry Thunder” from this year’s The Power Within, round out this exciting and eclectic collection of singles!

Available on Xbox 360, Wii and PlayStation®3 system (November 20th, 2012):

* The Band – “The Weight (live)” O X

* The Allman Brothers Band – “Jessica” O X

* Modern English – “I Melt With You” O

* Nine Inch Nails – “Closer” O

* Crossfade – “Cold”

* Dragonforce – “Cry Thunder” O

(These tracks will be available in Europe on PlayStation®3 system November 21st)


$1.99 USD, £.99 UK, €1.49 EU (160 Microsoft Points ™, 200 Wii Points™) per song

$0.99 USD (80 Microsoft Points™, 100 Wii Points™), £0.59 UK, €0.79 EU per song for eligible Pro Guitar/Pro Bass upgrade

Tracks marked with “O” feature support for keyboards; tracks marked with “X” will offer Pro Guitar and Pro Bass expansions for $0.99 per song.

** Dates for Rock Band game tracks are tentative and subject to change. **

To discuss this DLC please visit the official discussion thread in the Rock Band forum.

For all DLC song credits, including album and genre info as well as difficulty ratings, you can check out the Songs page.

Happy 5th anniversary, everyone! Hope you remembered to bring flowers, or Drake'll pout all week!


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    hmxhenry;4926575 said:
    “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” took #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in September of 1985. This classic rock hit burns onto the Rock Band Network this week, accompanied by its contemporary twin “Tim Tebow’s Fire”. Buy them on Xbox 360 today!

    Xbox 360 RBN Releases for Thursday, 11/15/2012:


    Icon & the Black Roses – “Black Rose” (80 MSP)

    Classic Rock

    John Parr – “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion)” (160 MSP)


    The Dillinger Escape Plan – “Gold Teeth on a Bum” (160 MSP
    The Dillinger Escape Plan – “Gold Teeth on a Bum (2x Bass Pedal)” (160 MSP)
    The Minotaur Project – “Rampage of Kronos (2x Bass Pedal)” (80 MSP)


    John Parr – “Tim Tebow’s Fire” (160 MSP)
    Taproot – “No Surrender” (160 MSP)

    PS3 RBN Releases for Tuesday, 11/20/2012 (North America) and 11/21/2012 (Europe):

    Vangough – “Drained” ($0.99), Prog
    X-Y – “Superficial” ($1.99), Rock
    Chaotrope – “Entropy/Extropy” ($0.99), Metal
    Mystakin – “The Consequences” ($0.99), Prog
    Toby Turner – “I Can Swing My Sword (ft. Terabrite)” ($0.99), Novelty

    And RBN stuff!

    And an update!
    hmxhenry;4927577 said:
    Here's the latest from the DLC Production team:

    * The live version of "The Weight" is credited in our files as coming from the 1972 album Rock of Ages

    * Our version of "Jessica" clocks in at 7:08, putting this in album version territory lengthwise

    * "Closer" is pretty much identical to the radio edit. It's the album length version with a slightly longer intro, but with the obvious fudge bombs blanked out.

    I'll post an update if any additional info comes in.
  • bandaddybandaddy Rising Star
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    not muse = no tattoo on ass, whew!

    YAY for Jessica. Great variety pack.

    Plus St. Elmo's Fire and Tim Tebow's fire, lol, on the RBN.
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
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    Okay, well this is interesting.

    We finally get "The Weight"! Yessssssss! Very happy about it.

    "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers? Cool! I like that song!

    OMG, "I Melt With You"! I was just thinking, like this past week, that I'd love to have that in RB! And here it is!

    The other three, I could live without.
  • FairwoodStudiosFairwoodStudios Road Warrior
    edited November 2012
    Wow, first post nailed the concept at least.
  • firedoom666firedoom666 Headliner
    edited November 2012
    Jessica is awesome getting that

    have to listen to the rest to see if I want them
  • CanuckGamerCanuckGamer Road Warrior
    edited November 2012
    Good choices. Although I'm not familiar with Crossfade.
  • MrPersonMrPerson Unsigned
    edited November 2012
    "The Allman Brothers Band – “Jessica” O X"
  • jibjqrkljibjqrkl Eventually Perceptive
    edited November 2012


    prob gonna pass
  • Lowlander2Lowlander2 FaIling Star
    edited November 2012





  • Moist_NipplesMoist_Nipples Unsigned
    edited November 2012
    Whoooooo 6 songs!
  • generalbanegeneralbane Rising Star
    edited November 2012
    This is a great selection! Been waiting for Jessica for forever! Also gonna pick up Melt With You, and any others that sound interesting upon listen
  • Catch-22Catch-22 Road Warrior
    edited November 2012
    Jessica, The Weight and Closer for me without having immediately recognized the other 3.
  • edited November 2012
    Holy cow! Awesome week!

    I actually just heard The Weight on the radio yesterday and was bummed it would never be coming.

    All but Dragonforce and Crossfade for me.

    Nicely done HMX!
  • VolTRHVolTRH Opening Act
    edited November 2012
    Absolutely fantastic week. Will get all six.
  • TheDescentTheDescent Road Warrior
    edited November 2012
    YEAH! Awesome week. Dragonforce, The Weight, Jessica, friggin CLOSER! Gotta check the other two. Can't recognize those by name.

    Fantastic. Just fantastic.
  • jeronemitchelljeronemitchell Road Warrior
    edited November 2012

    Everything else... man, I feel like I always need to learn more music. The Band is long awaited, and I've at least heard of Allman brothers and DragonForce. Still... I know no other songs besides "Closer", so we'll see what AmazonMP3 says...

    EDIT: AmazonMP3 says that "Cold" is also a possible.
  • PlutarchPlutarch Road Warrior
    edited November 2012
    Nice variety. I dunno if I'll get any, but it's a cool selection. I'll have to listen to some of the ones I recognize by name but not tune.
  • gamesurfgamesurf Unsigned
    edited November 2012
    We overblew things? THAT's never happened before.

    The Weight, Jessica, Closer, and Cry Thunder? HECK. YES.
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    You people know Melt With You. It's in like every movie sound track.
  • APackofRabidSquirrelsAPackofRabidSquirrels Opening Act
    edited November 2012
    Yes, Harmonix. Yes.
  • hiddenzombie013hiddenzombie013 Opening Act
    edited November 2012
    *sees announcement*
    *sees The Band* Hm, ok, glad that's coming finally.
    *sees Jessica* HOLY SH*T YES!!! YESYESYES!!!

    The rest of the songs are good too, especially the NIN and Crossfade picks. Excellent week! Only complaint is the Dragonforce song choice. I personally would have rather just had a different '10s song, but that's just me (I still want Fury of the Storm too).
  • jasonrosenbaumjasonrosenbaum Rising Star
    edited November 2012
    Best selection of DLC in one or two years. Not to say that this will end the recent trend of three song weeks, but this is still a nice surprise.
  • CAL022CAL022 Opening Act
    edited November 2012
    I will so be buying that. Dragonforce is cool too.
  • MunnchyMunnchy Road Warrior
    edited November 2012
    Closer? Jessica? HELL YES!

    I'm more than happy with just these, the rest are a bonus. Really good pack :D
  • WonderWaageUKWonderWaageUK Rising Star
    edited November 2012
    Jessica's cool.
  • nuttzo31nuttzo31 Opening Act
    edited November 2012
    Quite underwhelming, for some reason i was expecting a bigger pack or packs but 6 songs is more than what we get on a usual week, will be getting jessica but i will have to listen to the others.
  • grumblevolcanogrumblevolcano Headliner
    edited November 2012
    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic week especially due to "Cry Thunder". The Power Within is such an amazing album.
  • ZosoBaronZosoBaron Road Warrior
    edited November 2012
    I'll definitely grab Jessica, I Melt With You, and Cry Thunder. Maybe The Weight and Closer as well.
  • HetzHetz Rising Star
    edited November 2012
    Getting the first 4! Don't know the 2000 or 2010 songs.
  • firedoom666firedoom666 Headliner
    edited November 2012
    after a quick youtube I know I Melt With You it is in all those Hersey's Chocolate commercials

    I also recognize the NIN song because it was in one of Weird Al's polkas
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