RBN Undercover: Series 1 Thread

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Things are coming together, so it's time for the official thread. And since I lack sufficient musical ability, I've been tasked with telling you all about:

The Project

Each week, a different RBN artist will cover a different RBN song. Everyone from full rockin' ensembles to solo MIDI manipulators will offer up their takes on a mix of tracks spanning the wide breadth of the Network. We gathered up your feedback and suggestions, but for this series the artists pretty much had free reign- we wanted to start as soon as possible for several reasons, and figured that would help. We'll see how it goes, hopefully everyone enjoys the selections (there are some frequent requests on the list!). Once a band was claimed by a participant, though, they were off the table- so, no dozen shades of Amberian Dawn this time. Luckily, RBN has a butt-ton of cool songs from cool artists, so we got a good list to work with.

How will you get to hear these impressive and/or bizarre renditions? Through the magic of the Internet! Namely, Youtube- RhythmBastard has a channel all set up where we'll upload the final results. I'll be updating that section below as the songs are unveiled. You'll get to see how some songs came together live, take in a variety of animated approaches, and maybe hear a little bit about the artists' reasons for their picks. Or maybe we'll throw an mp3 behind a static image. That might happen too.

We'll be revealing who's taken what song as the project unfurls, but for now here are:

The Songs
  • An Endless Sporadic- "Impulse"
  • Bang On A Can All-Stars- "Cheating, Lying, Stealing"
  • Buckner and Garcia- "Pac-Man Fever"
  • Evanescence- "Going Under"
  • Flogging Molly- "Requiem For A Dying Song"
  • iwrestledabearonce- "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon"
  • Jukebox The Ghost- "Schizophrenia"
  • Lemon Demon- "BRODYQUEST"
  • The Main Drag- "Don't Let Me Down (Slowly)"
  • OK Go- "White Knuckles"
  • Rainbowdragoneyes- "Heavy Weather: The Storm Ov The Undead"
The Results

11/21: Track 1- "Heavy Weather: The Storm Ov The Undead" covered by Single White Infidel
11/28: Track 2- "Pac-Man Fever" covered by Man Parts
12/5: Track 3- "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon" covered by Gigakoops
12/12: Track 4- "BRODYQUEST" covered by Tobey McTired
12/19: Track 5- ??? covered by ???
12/26: Track 6- ??? covered by ???
1/2: Track 7- ??? covered by ???
1/9: Track 8- ??? covered by ???
1/16: Track 9- ??? covered by ???
1/23: Track 10- ??? covered by ???
1/30: Track 11- ??? covered by ???

The Future

We can worry about that come February, or whenever we wrap up this series- things are, of course, subject to change. But when things are decided, I'll update this area. Maybe next time we'll cover official DLC, or go with a more AV-style curated list. Who knows!


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