Suggetions for the Message in a Bottle Rocket goal

jmhardjmhard Unsigned
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I've attempted this and I get close (42,000) but I just can't get there. Any suggestions for strategy and the other power ups to go along with this?


  • jaystonepkjaystonepk Opening Act
    edited November 2012
    Took me a good dozen tries to get it and the score that pissed me off the most was 49,200.

    I used blast. It helps hit OD notes across the whole screen. Once you play the song a few times you start to remember where the OD notes are. Concentrate on those the most. Also try to fire rockets when the whole highway has OD notes. If you time it right you can grab lots of OD and keep firing rocket after rocket.
  • SheSaidSheSaidSheSaidSheSaid Washed Up
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    Just know the path. Don't shoot off your rockets when they're gonna hop over note-dense areas.
  • NumskullNumskull Road Warrior
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    And, obviously, prioritize the overdrive notes. If you have to choose between overdrive notes and purple notes or a +3 level cap, choose the overdrive notes, every single time. You can always do a "real" run through the song afterward.
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