Holiday mystery gift thread

Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
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In order to get into the holiday spirit (which one? All of them!) I'm starting this holiday gift thread. The rules are simple.

1. It'll operate like the "Ban the above poster" thread, the gift in the thread above yours is your gift.

2. Do not look at the link to the gift before posting! That ruins the surprise.

3. Instead, find a pic of the gift you are going to give first. Then post a link to that pic. The post above yours, is your gift. The next person to post after you, gets your gift.

It's pretty simple. Gifts can be anything. From this to this. And keep on giving and getting!

I'll start the ball rolling with this gift to the person below:

Your gift! I hope you like it, whoever you are!


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