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There are a few more movies coming out before the year's out (The Hobbit? Wreck-It Ralph comes out here on Boxing Day), but I figured we should get the ball rolling. What were your favourite movies of the year? I won't include a poll, because I have no doubt I will miss some obvious choices in only 10 slots.

In any case, from best to worst, here are my impressions of all 2012 releases I saw this year:

1. Chronicle: Despite being a movie about superpowers, it was easily the most empathetic and human product in the found footage genre. Only some anachronisms in the final stretch hold it back. I absolutely loved the rest.

2. Looper: Well-balanced and tightly thought out. Going against the odds of the ridiculous concept, it had great characters, sublime action and a few unique twists and tweaks.

3. The Lorax:Had you taken the Lorax itself out of the equation entirely, it would have been a family classic. I even liked the musical numbers, and I'm a heartless bastard who hates musical numbers.

4. Amazing Spider-Man: That they turned the spoiled story of how a guy's uncle was killed and said guy wished to redeem himself through vigilante work into something surprisingly new and heartfelt was good. With great acting, miles above the previous Spidey efforts, even if the Lizard was appalingly designed.

5. The Dark Knight Rises: Pick at the plot long enough and it'll crumble away, but the pure scale offered and the unique, segmented pacing made this treat enough to satisfy, albeit not revolutionise.

6. The Avengers: Not much to say about this one. It's too much of a popcorn film for my tastes, and Tony Stark made too many jokes, but the chemistry is insane and exactly what most were hoping for.

7. The Raid: Redemption: This is my “indie” pick, and from what I've heard of Dredd, you could just as easily put that in this spot. No-frills, all energy and viscera, but needed to be longer even with its directionless fury.

8. Skyfall: As I said a day or two ago, they tried to make M and Bond actual characters, succeeded with one and blatantly failed with the other, and the film suffers overall. Still some great setpieces, however.

9. John Carter: The sci-fi design was pretty inspired, but other than that, it's nothing you haven't seen before and in better movies.

10. Battleship: It had a few small treats to lift it above the average “everything blows up” film, but otherwise as good as you could reasonably expect.

11. Kath and Kimderella: Unremarkable. The main drive of the film was out of left field, but even that wasn't outlandish or anything.

12. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days: This franchise has run its course. The ambiguity of the protagonist hasn't left much room anymore, even if this film hag the biggest “OHHHHHH” moment of the year.

13. Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2: That final fight scene went a long way towards redeeming the rest of the franchise, but even that cannot hide the fact that the chemistry has never gotten any better. But hey, at least it's over now.

14. The Dictator: One good joke. In the last two minutes of the film. The rest if trite and worn out, a far cry from Baron Cohen's MO.

15. Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker: As if Dragon Age 2 wasn't bad enough.

16. Resident Evil: Retribution: Even as a brainless action film, it fails on a lot of levels. Completely monotonous.

17. Lawless: It might have a setting, but this “film” failed to have characters, a story or a structure.

18. Prometheus: Such a badly written piece of ****. The characters and writing were terrible beyond words, beyond imagination, and even the sci-fi design felt dated, so there was no solace to be found in this. Ridley Scott has had a good run, but between this, Robin Hood and American Gangster, there's never been a better time to retire.

So, what do you guys think? What are your best, worst, most disappointing or sexiest films?


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