In Need of Tiers

Radiohead97Radiohead97 Rising Star
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Since the tiering threads seem to take forever to update, I thought I'd just ask everyone for tiers, even if you don't have a tiering thread.

I'll provide some songs to be tiered, and when that batch is done, I'll request a new group of songs.

"The Kids Are Alright" - The Who (Album: The Who Sings My Generation) (TIERED)

"Iron Man" - Black Sabbath (Album: Paranoid) (TIERED)

"I Am The Resurrection" - The Stone Roses (Album: The Stone Roses) (TIERED)

"Disintegration (Live)" - The Cure (Album: Entreat) (TIERED)

"Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" - Florence + The Machine (Album: Lungs) (TIERED)

"World of Lines" - Coheed & Cambria (Album: Year of the Black Rainbow) (TIERED)

If you could use the tier template, that would be awesome.


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