Time out playing unreleased RBN song in Blitz?

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Hey, I was recently playing Mannequin by Dance for the Dying on RB:B and when I finished the song, it said that it wasn't connected to Rock Central so it didn't count. I tried it again straight after connecting to Rock Central and the same thing happened again.

Does this problem only happen with certain songs or is this the first time it's been noticed?

Any replies would be greatly appreciated!



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    That is because it hasn't officially been placed in the store. It is up on xbox live but the in-game store did not update this week due to holiday.
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    I just deleted all of the off topic posts in this thread, or rather almost every single post in this thread. I've also renamed the thread to avoid any other confusion.

    The first reply should address things pretty directly, but if this remains an issue by the end of the week when the song is initially released feel free to start another thread or email support.

    For everyone else that posted in this thread: please look beyond the buzz word in the title and dig a bit deeper (console they play on, unreleased nature of the song, etc) before making snap responses. Uninformed responses, no matter how well intentioned, aren't going to help anyone.

    At the very least, everyone should be able to avoid childish name calling. If you feel that you can't, please put other posters on ignore or report their posts for a mod to deal with. And if you can't do that, then you shouldn't be posting on these forums.
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