Thanks for RB Blitz, from an Armed Forces SM.

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I'd like to thank Harmonix for Rock Band Blitz.

As a member of the US Military, I find myself moving to and fro from station to station, be it TDY or PCS. As much as I love Rock Band, it's hard to deny that the plethora of instruments is quite a hassle to transport. I've had to leave the guitars and drums at home, sadly.

I still followed weekly DLC releases, saying "Ooh! I gotta get that one!", but the list was growing ever longer, and even more daunting. Despite having access to online stores with shipping, the costs for new instruments were downright terrifying.

Then, Rock Band Blitz comes along. It's not the same, of course, but it reminded me of how much I love Rock Band 3, and it's an awful lot of fun. It also allowed me to catch up on Rock Band DLC, which I am sure you are all pleased about.

In short, I love how Rock Band Blitz combines the interactivity with great music with the portability that is invaluable when you live out of two duffel bags and a carry on.

Thanks again!


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    This is the best news I've read all week. Thanks so much for posting!

    Feel free to shoot me a PM and we'll hook you up with some additional DLC to help keep things exciting.
  • taylorleetaylorlee Road Warrior
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    That's awfully generous of you, but I am fortunate enough to have my DEROS from Korea back to the United States fall in the December - January window.

    I'll be able to take a year's worth of leave (30 days) to spend the holidays with my family again, which is already a great gift (if you'll pardon the sentiment). That many dull nights in the barracks were enlivened with some Rock Band Blitz is easily enough.

    And, I'll be able to play Rock Band 3 proper again (provided a good dusting and battery swap)! I'm sure the family will love that Call Me Maybe came out this week.
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    This is the best thread. Stay safe, Taylor!
  • ricecakericecake Road Warrior
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    This is why HMX is awesome, and thank you taylorlee for your service!
  • TheStuddzTheStuddz Lil Rascal
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    Taylor, you are awesome! We should be the ones thanking you.
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    This thread is awesome. Dang it, now I want to hug someone. Oh look, a coworker just showed up at my cubicle...
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    Can we sticky this thread? I don't want this to fall back and get lost in the sea of old threads. It's too beautiful :')
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    You all are too kind. After being surrounded by nothing but other soldiers for a year, it's really great to hear that people appreciate what we do.

    My family has been apparently practicing on Rock Band 3, so the instruments will be warmed up by the time I get there. I was never great shakes at the instruments, but I look forward to singing with a group of people again.

    Quick question - I downloaded the Rock Band Blitz Song Pack on my Xbox here. Usually, using the account recovery tool on the Xbox 360, they can re-download songs from the Music Store App and play them there. I use it on the week nights here, but they recover and use it on the weekends.

    But if the Rock Band Blitz Song Pack doesn't show up in the Rock Band music store, is there a way they can download that too for the sake of practice (my sister really wants to play The Wicker Man on drums, in other words!)?
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    It should be in your download history along with everything else. Just like the export packs.
  • taylorleetaylorlee Road Warrior
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    That's what the option was called! I figured there was something like that.

    *google* OK, I was looking in the wrong place. I was looking under active downloads and "recent items" and such for it. It's under account settings.

    Much appreciated.
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    Chiming in with my colleagues - thank you for posting, and thank you very much for your service!
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    Thank you for your service taylor. <3
    Group Hug!
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    I just wanted to jump in as well and say thank you for your service and all the sacrifices you've made for it, Taylor. Keep on rockin'! :)
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    best thing I have read on here in a while. I often forget just how accessible Blitz is, not just for not needing instruments, but meaning accessible if you were to have a disability and want to enjoy the RB experience.

    Look after yourself Taylor, to you and everyone who risks their lives so that we can sit in our homes enjoying RB and living in peace. Come back safe.
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    Munnchy;4935112 said:
    Can we sticky this thread? I don't want this to fall back and get lost in the sea of old threads. It's too beautiful :')
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