Virtual Rock Band

jonesdk9jonesdk9 Unsigned
edited November 2012 in Rock Band
1.always keep the track and notes the not change the should have the ability to give your character the stage performance moves of any artist.or at least create it from scatch.3.harmonix needs to look at the way smackdown vs raw use the create character feature.4.NEVER REMOVE THE CHARACTERS THAT'S ON THE GAME NOW.5.this game needs to be more virtual-i have been on the road and in the life of a rock star.this game should refect that life like a should also be able to assign songs to a character.when that song is played the character you assigned to it will sing.7.also like rock band 1 and 2 you should be able to assign should be a way io make a music video using your band characters.9.alow a person to live though his/her character.IF YOU FOLLOW ALL NINE OF THESE POINTS THIS GAME WILL ROCK THE F'IN UNIVERSE....


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