Losing connection to central Servers

DarkblazorDarkblazor Unsigned
edited November 2012 in The Beatles: Rock Band
I haven't been able to connect to beatles rockband for months, I picked it up again and this time I'm getting to the bottom of it, it just says "you have lost connection with the rock central server" every time! anyone got an Idea? Appearantly it's not down because there are recent posts here regarding playing online...and i can't find any announcement of it being down.
I aplologize if this supposed to be in "support" (totally forgot about that) and it only seems to be applying to this game, Rockband 1/2/3 work just fine

Edit: also If this helps, I can only browse the music store for a few seconds to a minute then get Disconnected from it, PSN works fine though altogether.
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