Rock Band needs Ektomorf - Metalheads rejoice

HoodlumXHoodlumX Unsigned
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I know a lot of you may not know them, but they are fairly big out of the U.S(Hungarian Band). They resemble a mix between Sepultura/Soulfly and maybe a hint of Machine Head. I would love to see some of their tracks on the RB store.

Here is a few of their tracks I would love to see(In no particular order of greatness. lol.):

There is just a few. They have official music videos with a lot of views but I find that the videos distract you from the music. If you like those songs than I would also suggest listening to I Know Them, No Compromise, and well, most of the stuff they've released. lol. Hope you guys enjoy/want it in RB! Be sure to listen to them all the way through!
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