What's The Background Song Called!?

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What's the name of that song that sometimes plays in the menus of Rock Band Blitz? It seems like a pretty good song, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet. It's the song that starts with "call me pretty baby, tell me that you're mine" I think. Does anyone know what this song is actually called or who sings it?


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    There are several menu screen songs. This topic has come up before, and
    FairwoodStudios;4865433 said:
    The menu songs:

    Adam Arrigo - "<3 Carol"
    Cathode Rays - "Faster Raster"
    Cathode Rays - "Pixel Heart"
    Christopher Wilson - "Once More Into the Breach"
    Christopher Wilson - "The First Day (Of the Rest of Your Life)"
    Count Zero - "Jeffrey No"
    Of Last Resort - "Fade Away"
    Of Last Resort - "Held Me Up"
    The Main Drag - "Homosuperior"
    Steve and Lindley - "October 18th"
    The White Glove Project - "Which Way Is Up"</div>

    that should be the definitive reply. Hope it helps!
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    I'm about 99% sure that the specific song the OP is describing (also known as "The Mr. State Trooper Give Me a Gun Song") is <3 Carol by Adam Arrigo, since he's a former vocalist for The Main Drag, and if you listen to some Main Drag song previews...which you should do anyway, since most of them are well worth the 99 cents they cost...you will hear a very strong resemblance. Perhaps some kind soul can confirm this at some point...
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