Pro guitar with no DLC..... yet. Play with me?

ZynigmaZynigma Unsigned
edited December 2012 in Playstation 3
My Xbox went to hell on me, so I had to buy this game for my PS3, thus loosing my 70+ DLC songs.

It seems that no body likes to play the original songs that came with the game, 'cause people always just quit when they see I have none of their songs. WTF?!?!?
Well, I guess I don't blame'em :p

But I do wanna rock with some peeps, so please leave your screen name if you wanna play with someone and don't care that they have to start from scratch with DLC. Truth be told, I probbably won't buy any for a while, I'm still getting over not being able to transfer DLC from 360.

I play half the songs on medium, half on hard. This is because I play RS, and the string colors are switched, so it throws me off.

PS ID: Zynigma


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