String of notes vs. sustains - which gives more points?

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I need to know this as I've noticed that I've improved on a lot of my scores by staying on the sustains than hitting a string of notes on the other lane. But I try to compare it manually and I just can't. So I might as well as the community.

Let's use Visions as an example. Provided that the powerup selected is Super Vocals, which one gives you more points? That long growl sustain or hitting the equivalent length of notes on the guitar lane next to it?


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    Sustains seem to give the most points.
    It isn't that hard to do a manual comparison, just look at the points you get from the sustain, you can see this easier on longer ones. Then look at your multiplier and either multiply that by 10 (or 15 if the power up applies) and it is pretty easy to calculate how many notes you'd have to hit to equal it.
    2 button sustains win hands down no doubts there.

    More on sustains
    2X power up works on sustains.
    Bandmate works on sustains.
    Jackpot works AWESOME on sustains.

    As for other powerups I think that you just get the note points and lose the sustain Blast notes, bottle rockets don't appear to give you the extra value in the sustains and I am pretty sure road rage doesn't.
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    I'm pretty sure Sustains = 8th notes. A single sustain should give the same points as hitting a section of 8th notes not counting blitz mode. Hitting the 8th notes will give you more points because of blitz mode.

    Not exactly sure but it depends on the measures and the speed. Just experiment with the jackpot paths.

    I know that fast 16th single notes give a higher JP reward then sustains, also you get the help of Blitz Mode and every 10 notes is an extra 500 points.
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