old tricky dicky

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Alright I have bass, guitar, drums, mics and keys ..... if I play guitar or bass 99.9% of the time I'm on the Mic .. of all I prefer bass w Mic.. every other Saturday my friends come over to play we do not have a key boarder. Through the week I play I expand my dlc whenever I can. I have Beatles rock band all dlc rock hand 3 with all blink 182, all green day, limp bizkit track pack 1, all Paul McCartney, good amount of john Lennon, metallica pack, and a lot of random songs, my difficulty depends on the song but mostly expert guitar bass, Mic hard if I'm playing an instrument expert if I'm solo, drums mostly expert, keys not so good and I rarely bring them out but I didn't say I won't, if you want to play add .me (RMM862002) with a message what instrument n dlc
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