RBN Song of the Week (12/6/12)

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Which was your favorite song this week?

RBN Song of the Week (12/6/12)

Chaotrope – “The Singularity”

Dir En Grey – “Dozing Green”

His Statue Falls – “Jasmin W. Knows How to Mosh”

We Butter The Bread With Butter – “Superföhn Bananendate”

Winter Crescent – “Battle of Egos Part II”

Cult to Follow – “Leave It All Behind”

IDLEMINE – “Circus”

The Giraffes – “The City”


(2x Bass Pedal songs do not apply)

RBN Song of the Week - December 2012
Dir En Grey - "Dozing Green" (12/6/12)

RBN Song of the Month
Toby Turner - "I Can Swing My Sword (ft. Terabrite)" (Oct. 2012)
John Parr - "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)" (Nov. 2012)


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