Henry_Sardonicus' Tiering Thread

Henry_SardonicusHenry_Sardonicus Rising Star
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So I've decided to make a tiering thread as well, just for the hell of it. Here are the rules:

I will tier anything short of noise. I will tier anything from One Direction to Converge, but as soon as you hit Merzbow territory, it's a no go.

I will do RB3 versions of songs, but all old tiers would be kept, such as legacy instruments, so as to keep with Harmonix's policies.

If there is a song that has no guitar or bass, but does have other synthesizers besides the main line, I will tier them, but there will be no pro guitar tier.

I look forward to any requests I get.

I will try to post tiers as quickly as possible, but I might have some delay occasionally.

Album thread is here.


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