Rock Band Hosting (Newbie Alert!)

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Hi there.

I'm Silent Rob.

I have played Rock Band for the past several years and have hosted several Rock Band nights at my home in Arlington, MA. We've had upwards of over 50 people at each event and have had, at times, 3 various setups around the house. I still play the game but would like to branch out and share my love of the game with others.

I currently own all the necessary equipment for a small scale event such as the ones at my home. But I've been toying with the idea of pairing up with a local DJ (a few are friends of mine) to help season the event with music and audio support.
Obviously a lot I've read on here is great and i'm taking a lot of it into consideration.

But would any of you offer any good practical advice for someone who'll be taking the leap this coming year?

Thanks in advance!
Silent Rob
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