Rockband pro-instrument meet up in chicagoland

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Rockband Pro folk -

I'm looking for rockband 3 enthustists to meetup in Chicago. I prefer to play with folks who, like me, play the pro-instruments. I am a beginning real guitarist and view RB3 as training wheel to real music. I'd like to hook up with folks of the same opinion. I have 2 x pro-guitar, 1 x pro-key, 1 x m-audio keyboard with midi adaptor, and 1 yamaha DTX drumset with MIDI adaptor. All in my living room. You can just show up and play. It'll be fun.

all my gear plays for real, and i have real guitar, so if you've up to 12 bar blues then that would even better.

I have that other game, rocksmith, too.

Also, you should know I am a 50 year old military man, I'm very square and real. My xbox id is not so fake "Thane Thompson" or send email to [email][/email].

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