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My name is Ashai, and we are Freen in Green Freelance. We care about accuracy, we care about cameras and lighting, and we want to make the most memorable experiences on Rock Band possible. Music is art, and we take that really damn seriously! We know that you do too, so let's talk about stuff.

Click to see our compilation of this year's work - it sums up what we're all about.

Our YouTube channel is our home, and it's huge. Not just a-million-previews huge - I post early previews, other Rock Band work, creative let's-play stuff, and other updates. If you like the sound of this and want to meet other fans, subscribe to us! I also love playing Blitz, so let me know if you'd like to be friends on Xbox Live.

If you have any questions regarding RBN, how it works, requests, our artists, or myself, I would be happy to answer them, whether here or on YouTube. Thanks for being part of one of the best gaming communities out there.


Bands in green plan for more songs in the future. Alright!

Bankai (Electronic)
"The Epic, Part 3.7 (RBN Remix)"*

Bluefusion (Metal, prog rock)
"KITTY! (ft. The Anime Cow)"
"KITTY! (ft. The Anime Cow) (2x Bass Pedal)"
"Paper (Feat. Single White Infidel)"
"(Random Song)"
"Thirteen (ft. M_80!, Watershed & Wolfblur)" *NEW!*

Bumblefoot (Hard, prog rock)
"Guitars SUCK"
"Turn Around"*

Freen in Green (Prog rock)
"Erratic Eruption"
"Frontier Factory: Remanufactured"*
"Grocery Party"
"Level 1 - Winter City"
"Neighbors Ate My Zombies!" *NEW!*
"Nocturnal Wasteland"
"Nocturnal Wasteland (2x Bass Pedal)"
"Ramp Truck"
"Ramp Truck (RB3 Version)"
"Riptide Resort"*
"The Final Battle"*
"The Final Battle (2x Bass Pedal)"

Mike Phirman (Novelty)

Nightmare Lyre (Prog rock, fusion)
"Deception (2x Bass Pedal)"

Radidsh (Electronic)
"Wild Yellowness"

Tobey McTired (Novelty)

Tub Ring (Rock)
"Stop This (NOW!)"

Wolfblur (Electronic)
"Frostbite Cavern"

*Available for PS3! You can request a song here.

In peer review...
Nightmare Lyre - "Into the Cold"
M_80! - "Hat"

In playtesting...


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