Introducing Rock Band Blitz Tournaments!

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Hey gang!

Today we’ve got a pretty exciting new thing to announce- Rock Band Blitz Tournaments! Tournaments are a new way for all of you awesome RB Blitz players to compete with each other for top scores and real deal prizes! For our purposes, a Rock Band Blitz Tournament is simply a blank slate, song-specific leaderboard which lives in Rock Band World and runs for a week. Read on for details!

How’s It Work?
Today when you sign in to Rock Band World on Facebook (, you’ll see there’s a new section on the homepage. When you sign up to play in Rock Band Blitz Tournaments, you’ll be able to participate in the three Tournaments that are created each week.

Participation is easy! Just opt-in to tournaments, then play the song in Rock Band Blitz. Once you’ve posted a score on a Tournament song in Rock Band Blitz, you’re automatically entered in that Tournament leaderboard. You can replay the song as many times as you like -we’ll record the highest score you post! If you have the top score when the Tournament ends, you’ll win free DLC and other great prizes!

If you don’t have the top score, don’t sweat it – you still might win! We’re also picking a second place winner for each Tournament, as well as three random winners from among everyone who played. With three Tournaments running at a time, that means we’re picking nine winners every week!

Every Thursday for the next ten weeks (ending 3/13/12), we’ll refresh with three new Tournaments – so if you didn’t win this week, try again next week!

Pretty cool, right?

(Want to check out the official rules? Here you go -

Keeping Tournaments Fair
Related to Rock Band Blitz Tournaments, we’ve rolled out a small, targeted balancing change that tones down the Flame Note Power-up. Specifically, the value of each Flame Note has been reduced from 1500 pts to 350. We want these Tournaments to be as level a playing field as possible so you all feel compelled to join, and this is a step towards that.

As you probably know, we've already deployed a rebalance like this previously, and it's possible we will again in the future. Doing this is all in service of keeping the game as fair and competitive as possible, but also to give players more viable loadout options for their Blitzing pleasure. After all, the original design intent for RB Blitz was not to have One Power-up To Rule Them All.

We know you all have questions about this, and we'll be doing our best to address those on the forums. Of course, we'll also continue to track feedback on the forums, and in game data, etc. to help deliver the best experience for our players that we can.

Thanks, all! I hope to see you getting in on the Rock Band Blitz Tournament action, as we’ve got some cool prizes waiting for you!
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