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So since one of my ion drum heads recently and tragically broke, I haven't had the opportunity to play my instrument of choice for several weeks now. The silver lining is that it gave me the chance to pick up my Squier which I hadn't touched for months. Now I've been investing a couple hours a day in pro guitar mode and I've actually been seeing pretty substantial progress, which has been awesome.

Unfortunately, my Squier now seems to have taken a cue from my Ions. Tonight it more or less stopped responding. It's been getting ornery over the last couple of days, occasionally showing that a particular string/fret is depressed even when not. But up until tonight, I could generally get it to act okay by switching it off and back on, or unplugging and replugging the Midi adapter.

Tonight though, I played a couple of songs, activated overdrive, and it stopped responding...nothing at all when I press down. I tried changing the batteries, and various forms of resetting/unplugging, but nothing.

Any suggestions? I know others have had issues, but it's been generally reliable for me up to this point.


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    try ruling things out.

    - Plug the guitar into an amp or rocksmith. Hear static, buzzing, or noise ?

    - Plug some other instrument into the midi adapter to verify the adapter works.
    Try plugging the RB3 keyboard into it via a midi cable.
    Does it work ? or Intermittently go out like the guitar does ?

    - Maybe your MIDI cable is shorting ? Have another to try ?

    - Try plugging the midi adapter into another usb port. Maybe the one is underpowering.

    - Are there batteries in the guitar or adpater ? I forget. Will check at home later. Maybe I'm thinking of my bass,.
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    Yup that really sounds like a midi cable issue. Are u still using the cable that came with it? If so your lucky it hasn't broke down sooner. Mine broke the second day of use.

    I'd recommend a new midi cable, but I'd save the receipt in case that isn't it, lol.
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