more classic rock please!!! ac/dc..heaven and hell...maiden...priest...van halen?

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i know, iknow, post in the proper thread...we want to be heard harmonix....more classic rock for the masses please!! examples: how about some ratt..the first release and their latest(called investation) I am a big saxon fan, anything from them!, more ac/dc (plenty more material out there) even more maiden, priest, and rush. newer stuff like chickenfoot. can you snag van halen (please try)..pantera! even more hendrix if at all possible. ever heard of saga? they are very good. ozzy please! the entire heaven and hell album would be great. gary moore,tnt and tyketto, google them! of course, would love more vai and satriani. the andy timmons dlc was a special treat for me. these bands and songs would keep me buying the dlc! i have purchased over 400 songs harmonix. dont let me down, and i know i am not alone with my love of these artists. slash anyone? any dream theater anyone. where are the scorpions? would anyone other than me want to play "loving you sunday morning"? real loud. make it happen harmonix!!! now everyone yell at me for not posting in the proper thread......rock on.


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    starship1;4951544 said:
    i know, iknow, post in the proper thread...we want to be heard harmonix....
    You're more likely to be heard in the artists' proper threads than making one badly-typed post for 20 unrelated artists.
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    didnt know we had to be so formal. mr. sir david t lynch.
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    Blocks of text tend to get ignored especially in spam text format.
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    Looking past the spammy-looking grammar and the lack of punctuation, the thing I don't like about this post is that you treat the community as if this is a revolutionary idea and that Harmonix probably hasn't even considered any of these bands in the history of ever.

    AC/DC has a serious issue with their songs being downloaded as singles, thus why it's taken them so long to get their songs on iTunes, and the songs we have from them are only available on an on-disc track pack that was sold at Wal-Mart shortly before Rock Band 2's release (and of coarse, Let There Be Rock does not export from RB2 to RB3 for this reason).

    Some of the artists mentioned (namely Steve Vai and Andy Timmons) came from the Rock Band Network, a service provided by Harmonix that allows artists to get their music on the game themselves. If you want more of Andy Timmons' or Steve Vai's music on there, find their contact info and ask about it. As for the others, it's more than simply asking and receiving.

    As seen in this article, Harmonix has to contact the labels who control the rights to the bands' music and make a deal over putting the songs in the game. Sometimes labels want more than an independent company like Harmonix can offer, and sometimes they're all for it. It takes some time to get the song charts made and debugged, too. There's also the fact that they have other songs to release, and it wouldn't seem right to release an Iron Maiden pack four months after another one, for example.

    This is just my thoughts and observations.
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