DLC Week of 12/30 (aka Sunday!) - Andrew W.K., Hot Chelle Rae, P!nk, and Fun.!

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Hey gang,

Rock into the New Year with new singles available on the Rock Band Music Store on January 1st! Party advocate Andrew W.K. makes his debut in Rock Band with his hit single “Party Hard,” which appeared on his major-label debut record, 2001’s I Get Wet. Pop rockers Hot Chelle Rae also make their debut this week with the lead single from the band’s second album, 2011’s Whatever.

Fun.’s “We Are Young,” featuring Janelle Mon


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    Due to the holiday season, there will be no 360 RBN releases or PS3 RBN releases this week. Xbox 360 RBN releases should return on 1/3/13, and PS3 RBN releases will resume on 1/8/13 and 1/9/13 (Europe) and should include additional tracks covering the weeks missed.
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    Here's some additional clarification on the expected holiday DLC schedule, provided with the usual caveat that dates are subject to change and depend on the publishing schedule that 1st parties maintain during holiday.

    Last week's My Chemical Romance DLC is scheduled to hit on the following platforms on the following dates:

    Wii: 1/2/13
    PS3 (SCEA): 1/8/13
    PS3 (SCEE): 1/23/13

    The Andrew W.K., Hot Chelle Rae, P!nk, and Fun. tracks should follow a longer term holiday schedule looking a bit like this:

    Sunday December 30th, 2012: Xbox 360 should get new DLC, early on account of the Tuesday holiday.

    Tuesday January 1st, 2013: No DLC updates today, on account of the early Sunday release.

    Wednesday January 2nd, 2013: Wii should get the two previous DLC releases.

    Tuesday January 8th, 2013: PS3 (SCEA) should get the two previous DLC releases.

    Wednesday January 23rd: PS3 (SCEE) should get the MCR DLC.

    Wednesday January 30th: PS3 (SCEE) should get the 12/30/12 singles DLC.

    We'll track any schedule changes as we're aware of them. Thanks for your continued patience while we navigate the tricky content release schedules on all the different platforms in all the different regions during the holiday season.
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