Cherry Shockwaves and goal tips?

mayhem117mayhem117 Road Warrior
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I've been working on trying to get this goal for almost a week now. I played Cherry Waves -I don't know how many times- but I always seem to be 10,000 points shy. Does anyone have any tips on how to use the shockwave powerup properly, so I get the most points? Or even how to get this goal? The other powerups I'm using are Blast Notes and Super Drums


  • jaystonepkjaystonepk Opening Act
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    I've tried this 15 times myself and my best score was still 2,300 short. I believe you only need to get a high enough score on shockwave so the other power ups don't contribute to the score needed. Since shockwave is based on the number of notes on the highway at any given time, I would think other power ups that have the ability to remove notes would not be the best choice, ie blast.
  • mayhem117mayhem117 Road Warrior
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    I tried it again this morning and the closest I got was 46,000. I decided to go with blast notes as it occasionally knocks out unison phrases and gets me a ton of OD. I just take care not to trigger a blast note once I deploy the powerup. I don't even know how many times I've played the song.
  • Bront20Bront20 The Writing's on the Wall
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    I think Riles made a video. HeyRiley is his youtube channel.
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