Creating New Profiles - Not Joining Xbox Live and Leaderboards?

I am having an RB3 party in a few days. I wanted to create individual Xbox profiles for each of my friends to track scores and design a band. If I opt to not go through the "Join Xbox Live" steps (but still create a save file), will their scores and play history still be uploaded to the leaderboards? Or can only a Live Enabled account upload?


  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
    edited December 2012
    Using logic I would think that you'd need an Xbox Live account in order to have your individual scores uploaded to the leaderboards, but I can't confirm.
  • IcemageIcemage Road Warrior
    edited December 2012
    Only accounts registered to Xbox Live can register scores to the leaderboards, and only on the instruments that they are signed in on. So if your friend wants his gamertag to have a guitar score, he has to sign into a guitar with his gamertag and play that song on guitar.

    You don't need a Gold subscription, however. Standard (i.e. what used to be called "Silver" accounts) can register scores, but they still need the gamertag.
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