Totally inconsequential Top 10 lists of 2012

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Everyone has already made their top 10 lists of best movies, albums, games, etc. for 2012 and I remain paralyzed with fear that I'll make a list and immediately regret not including something or forgetting something or have to cut something that I really want on the list. So rather than do that I decided to make some low stakes top 10 lists of absolutely no consequence. Feel free to post yours.

HMXhenry's Top 10 Desserts of 2012

1) Banoffee pie at 55 North in Portrush, Northern Ireland
2) Banoffee pie in San Marcos, California
3) Whoopie pie as big as a toilet seat in Reading, Massachusetts
4) Hot chocolate at Insomnia in Dublin, Ireland
5) Old fashioned doughnut at Top Pot in Seattle, Washington
6) Chocolate croissant at Tartine in San Francisco, California
7) Carvel ice cream cake at a cook out in Gloucester, Massachusetts
8) Memphis Mafia doughnut at Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon
9) Coconut creme pie from The Eagle's Nest in Brewer, Maine
10) Hershey's sundae pie from Burger King


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