Trying to download RB1 export key from the new PSN store... Can't find !!!

Damage_IncDamage_Inc Unsigned
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I'm trying to download the export key for RB1 so I can download all my songs in RB3.
With the new version of the PSN store, I can't find it.

Please help!! What should I be looking for as for the name? where is it?

PS. Songs (even older) should be added to RB3 sorting as the default is really a mess to find older songs...



  • AlternityAlternity Road Warrior
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    RB1 & 2 DLC are separated because their files are slightly different, and it will probably never merged with RB3 DLC, same with RBN and RBN 2.0.

    The export key, since the new ugly store appeared, is nowhere to be found, and if you can't find it, it means it hasn't been fixed yet. Hope for a fix soon, or call EA, HMX or Sony to try and make it happen faster. You can also submit a ticket in the support section.
  • intropeeintropee Road Warrior
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    The store is a total piece of poop...:mad:
    There, I said it :p
  • Bagel_BearBagel_Bear Unsigned
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    intropee;4957110 said:
    The store is a total piece of poop...:mad:
    There, I said it :p

    It is a piece of poop. I said it too!

    I am running into this problem right now.
  • lordyuppielordyuppie Unsigned
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    The new store really is bad. I tried to believe it was all about making a better service/store. I hated it at first but I was willing to give it a chance. A few months later and I still lament the old store. I miss the beauty, the simplicity, getting to what I wanted with out it take 3-8x longer.

    Now it is a bloated advertisement beast where it used to be easy to find what you were looking for.

    Anyway, slightly off topic. I can't find out how to purchase the export key as well. Guess I will try and return Rock Band in a few days if I can not get this resolved.
  • BobTKGBobTKG Unsigned
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    i had a simealr problem, having lent my RB1 and Lego RB to a co-worker before i went off sick, and then she quit, when my PS3 died, i had no probs just going back into the Store, looking at my purcharses, and using a very technical process of starting at the bottom and working my way up: monitoring on post-its and background downloading all the packs,

    you will need the RB1 disk to export, but once you've found and downloaded the key, all you have to do is put it in and select the option from the in-game menu...
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