country pack two

fireladyfirelady Unsigned
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I need detailed instructions on how to mulit player. I cannot seem to use a keyboard and vocal at the same time. Using the keyboard as a guitar. Please help.


  • SirDavidTLynchSirDavidTLynch Headliner
    edited January 2013
    The Track Packs use a template based on Rock Band 1, so the keyboard doesn't work at all. The game think it's a normal controller. If you bought the disc new, you can use a code on the back of the manual to export the songs to Rock Band 3 and use the keyboard there.
  • IcemageIcemage Road Warrior
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    I thought Country Track Pack 2 used the Rock Band 2 engine as its baseline? Doesn't really matter with respect to the keyboard, since Rock Band 3 is the only game that recognizes the keyboard.

    Also, Country Track Pack 2 was also released on the Wii, and does not export on that console, so beware.
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