Buy an RB2 guitar dongle?

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Ok, so here's the deal...

My dog chewed up my RB2 guitar dongle about 2 years ago. At the time, it basically just stopped my RB playing. Well, I had gotten the itch again and started searching for new guitars on amazon when I noticed that people were selling just the dongle itself. The reviews were mixed as to whether or not it worked, so....

1.) I was under the impression that each guitar was configured for a specific dongle in the event that more than 1 guitar was being used per session (ie. guitar/bass). Is this the case?

2.) Could I safely buy a dongle and not worry about it not working?

3.) If they are fairly safe to buy, does anyone have a recommendation where to buy one?

During the search for a new one, I did end up getting a new RB3 Strat. Just curious if this would work to resurrect the old one as well, since the RB2 Strat was way better IMO than the RB1 Strat.

Thanks again for any help.


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    I'm assuming this is PS3. If it's Wii, I can't guarantee the accuracy of any of this.

    1) Guitars and dongles are synched once the dongles are plugged into the console. You don't need the very dongle that shipped with a particular guitar for it to work. You synch the guitar to the new dongle when you get it.

    2) The only concern is that the dongles are instrument (type) specific -- RB1 Strats and RB2 Strats have different dongles that are not cross-compatible. One is black, one is gray. It's been ages since I've played an RB guitar, so I don't remember which is which. Hopefully someone will speak up and clear that up.

    3) eBay/amazon, but be prepared to pay a great deal of money. Such that, even now, it may be cheaper just to get a whole new guitar.

    The "RB3 Strat," IIRC, is the RB2 Strat with a different paint job.
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    Thanks for the info.

    Yea, this is for PS3, forgot to clarify that.

    Yea, a couple of the dongles I saw were like $50 new. Which I didn't want to pay without knowing if it'd work or not. The new guitar itself was $120. If I found the dongle cheaper, I would definitely take a shot, but for $50 it seems like just getting the whole new guitar is more likely just to ensure that it works. I'd just like to have both guitars up and working again.
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    I'm pretty sure the RB1 Strat dongle is black, and the RB2 Strat dongle is the gray one.

    I also think the RB3 Strat also has the effects switch removed, in addition to the new colors. Some people have had an issue with this, since the overdrive effect is pretty much permanently set to one of them (echo, flanger, or whatever) with no way to change it or turn it off.
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