Could this setup work for the pro guitar mode in rock band 3?

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I am interested in checking out the pro guitar mode of rock band 3, and have been looking at the different options for the mode. It is my understanding that only midi guitars can be used for this mode, and i use my real electric drums and keyboard in the game through their midi outputs with the mad catz adapters. Yesterday, I found some things for the ipod/iphone that seems to make any guitar/bass guitar into a midi instrument.

First off, the iRig, it allows your guitar to plug into your ipod/iphone. Here is a link for info.

Second the midi guitar iOS app, a free app that takes the guitar's sound and makes the guitar a midi guitar. Here is a video of the app in action.

And lastly, the midi interface for an ipod/iphone, this allows the sound on the device to connect to midi things, like the mad catz midi adapter maybe? Here is the midi interface.

I would love if this setup would work, because i already have a few guitars, bass guitars, and an ipod and would not want to buy another for the pro mode. I can't find anything about anyone trying anything like this, but can anyone clarify if this would work or not.

Thank you very much for your time.


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    Wouldn't work. You need a real MIDI controller (like the YouRockGuitar), one of the supported controllers (Mustang or Squier) or a MIDI guitar with a hexaphonic pickup (can detect the pitch on each string individually) as a bare minimum.
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