Issues with Rock Band 3 on xbox360

GynkobaGynkoba Unsigned
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System: Xbox 360 (250GB HDD) Halo Reach edition
Game: Rock Band 3
DLC: 200+ songs

Tonight my wife and I decided to play some Rock Band. We loaded up the the game and started a quick play. Within a few seconds we noticed that one a few of the songs in our list didn't play any previews. In fact after sorting the list, none of our downloaded content would play a preview.

After selecting a song, it would also take up to a minute to get to the difficulty selection screen. After playing the song, its preview seemed to play fine. So we selected another song and got the same delay.

After three of these songs we decided to exit and reload the game. The results were identical. Song previews were not available and songs took almost a minute to load.

So we did one more thing and powered off the whole system and powered it back on, reloaded the game and got the same results.

Has anyone else been experiencing this or seen this before on the forums?
I have searched through any method I can and can't seem to find anything about it.

Help please?


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