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i got a little problem with rb3 game on demand

i bought rb3 on game on demand during the christmas deal,

i already have the game on disc and just wanted to have a spare copy and be able to launch the game without the cd in the xbox.

it worked perfectly during 4 days, then yesterday the game froze during 1minute when launching it from "my games" before the game loaded, i restart my xbox 5 times and got the same issue 5 times in a row, i tried to select a random song in quick game and the game froze again during almost 30 seconds before the songs starts...

i know it happens sometimes that the game is long to start or when selecting a song when you have a lot of songs ( 600+ in my case ) but it was 5 times in a row after a complete reset of the console yesterday :(

i tried to delete cache and same problem, finally i deleted the game on demand game and launch it from my cd ( game installled on hard drive ) and the problem disappears.

what can be the cause ot this issue ? the game on demand corrupted ? a known bug with this game with game on demand version ? i tried launching other games from my hard drive to be sure my hard drive wasn't dying and no issue whatsoever.

thanks by advance for your answer,

ps : sorry for my english =)


  • Santa ClaustrophobiaSanta Claustrophobia Road Warrior
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    It's probably an issue with the download. Re-download and try again. I have the GoD version and have never had any issue with it.
  • meck77meck77 Road Warrior
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    I also have it on demand and have never had a problem with it
  • DrewKrewUKDrewKrewUK Unsigned
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    This happened to a friend of mine. Delete it completely and re-download it by going to your ACCOUNT> DOWNLOAD HISTORY.
    We suspect it happened to my friends download because the download had paused and resumed a few times whilst it was incoming. The Xbox 360 often pauses active downloads whilst you load a game or app etc and then resumes that download upon returning to dashboard. Sometimes this stop/start effect can corrupt the download.
    I've also seen people get 'Disc Unreadable' errors on downloaded 'Game-on'Demand' games too (even though there is no disc lol!) because of corruption to the download.

    Hope you get it sorted.
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